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Make Money Online

Make Money Online- Working From Home

I finally have a legitimate online business selling seo services to businesses and creating affiliate seo income. Look here for FREE Training on how to make money online like me.

Are you tired of the same old sales copy that that is so good it makes you want to buy… but you feel ripped off and violated after you buy it? Are you tired of everyone telling you, “you can make millions like me, just follow my 3 step formula”… when actually they are not making a cent or just barely making it while faking it… copying everyone else’s system. Are you new to wanting to make money online and don’t know who to trust?

Join my free membership area for great training from top internet marketers like Chris Record, Alex Becker, Greg Morrison, Anthony Morrison and Joel Therion. (In fact Chris Record has a great new program that teaches you like a college course, you can sign in for free training that people used to pay thousands for, and if you want you can move on from there. I really am making money because of these programs and will give you my honest opinion on how to start and progress.)

There are many great ways and niches to make money online the honest way, don’t fall into the hype of buying every new and regurgitated system that comes along. I have spent over 10,000 dollars on programs and coaching and only use 10 percent of the info bought. That means if I knew what I know now I could have saved myself 9,000 dollars. I want to save you the heart ache of losing your hard earned dollars to a liars pocket.

Follow me and I will lead you on how to make money online and keep your integrity. I am going to tell you the truth, unlike other internet marketers. I have been marketing online since 1996, building websites for fun and free information in the health niche, building websites to sell embroidered hats and shirts that I created at home, selling pepper spray until Walmart took my market among other ventures.

I have taken a step back from all of my marketing programs and have talked to some very influential people in the internet marketing circle. Everyone is coming to the same conclusion… things are changing. No longer can you trust certain individuals. No longer can you trust solo ads building email lists. Yes List building is important, but building it the right way and not selling your customers to other list builders is an important key. Guard your email list and do not abuse them.

I want to introduce you to one of my main businesses that will give you a foundation and all the tools you need to start a good income online if you take action. Then I will give you more advanced training to give you multiple streams of income using the foundational tools you already received while adding a few other tools that really work. If you need more hand holding I will give that to you also. I told my wife the other day while we were talking about the money I have spent on a coaching system… “That kind of money deserves hand holding”… You can spend 1,000 dollars, 5,000 dollars etc. and yet no one will hold your hand and take you to the next level. They say they will but they lie! True customer service has disappeared… but not here. I will tell you I am not perfect but will do all I can to help you achieve your dreams of making money online and making money at home.

There are a ton of information products on how to make money online, some of it is awesome and most is outdated, confusing crap. The only way to make money online quickly is to find a simple system that is tried and true and stick to it, follow through until it is mastered and making money… then… you can move on to other systems. Multiple streams of income is great and you want this but you need to start and master one system which is easy, then move on to other sources of income. If you try to do too much and get too complicated chasing after the latest and greatest shiny object you will do nothing but spin your wheels and not get anywhere, depending on your personality you will quickly give up or you will try for a couple of years and then give up. Once in a while someone will catch on and do the right thing.

Remember… Simple System… Follow Through… Keep Focused… Repeat.

Working from home is a wonderful way to make money, I want to show you the simple system and take you higher and higher, I know what it is like to spin your wheels and have other so called experts take your money and leave you broke and frustrated. I never gave up though, and have finally realized the simplicity of it all along with never giving up, for I was desperate to make this work. I will show you simple systems and graduate you up to other sources of income. Along with myself I will introduce you to a few marketers and coaches I trust and follow and I know they will not lead you astray.

We all want to make money online but this does not come without relationship and trust. There are too many marketers out there who look at you as a dollar sign and nothing more, once you have been squeezed out of every dime they can get from you they will drop you like a hot potato. (I have a list in my head of people I would never associate with anymore for how they do not care about their customers, they say they care up front but they do not care for you at all)

Step 1- Sign up for my free membership area for great free training from top internet marketers such as Chris Record, Alex Becker, Greg Morrison, Anthony Morrison, and Joel Therion.

1- Learn how SEO is the best long term way to earn money online.

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